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SmartBurst delivers fast and reliable always-on Internet direct to your home without satellite, cable or a phone line required.

SmartBurst delivers an always-on broadband connection.

With faster speeds up to 12+ Mbps.

And smarter prices starting at just $49.95 per month, with no long term contract.

All plans include unlimited data.

Diamond Plan

SmartBurst Diamond

Unlimited Data

12 Mbps

$89.95 SmartBurst Diamond

Platinum Plan

SmartBurst Platinum

Unlimited Data

6 Mbps

$79.95 SmartBurst Platinum

Gold Plan

SmartBurst Gold

Unlimited Data

4 Mbps

$69.95 SmartBurst Gold

Silver Plan

SmartBurst Silver

Unlimited Data

2 Mbps

$49.95 SmartBurst Silver


SmartBurst SOHO

Unlimited Data

Download speeds start at 8 Mbps

Upload speeds start at 2 Mbps

Static IP address included in all new accounts this month

$99.95 - 149.95 SmartBurst for Business

Thank you so much. I am enjoying! It has been wonderful dealing with your company!

Judy G. - Denton, TX

It works great! It's more stable and consistent, which is what really matters.

Gordon S. - Denton, TX

When we needed to make a change (adding a new computer and router), your help was beyond what was expected. What more could we have expected!

Bob and Jean A. - Pilot Point, TX

SmartBurst has completely changed the way we use the internet!

Ken S. - Green Valley, TX

How Does It Work?

SmartBurst® Internet access uses wireless radio technology to link your PC to our internet backbone.

We will supply a small receiver with optional antenna and installation if necessary to the outside of your home with a small standard network cable connected to your computer. If you would like to connect multiple computers via a router or in-house wireless, you will need to purchase a home router or wireless router. There is no limit to the number of PCs you may connect, however, if it is noticed that the amount of activity at a residence does not comply with our Quality of Service Policy, your access may be limited.

We provide a business access plan for those customers requiring larger amounts of bandwidth.

Better, Faster, Smarter

Better – With the latest technology and equipment backed up by redundant systems, SmartBurst® is dependable allowing you to access your home or office through a VPN. (Virtual Private Network).

Faster – SmartBurst® will allow you to quickly download large files like MP3s, videos, applications or e-mail attachments. Stream audio or video or play your favorite interactive games.

Smarter – No phone line, no cable and no satellite is required for SmartBurst® to work in your home or office. Save money by cutting the phone line or cable TV. No expensive satellite equipment is required.

Busy signals? You won't get any. Wireless completely bypasses the normal dial-up issues. As long as your computer is turned on, you are connected to the Internet.

Faster speeds

12+ Mbps.

Smarter Prices start at $49.95 a month...

SmartBurst® is an incredible value.

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